高二英语作文:The colours of "Miracle"

   The colours of Miracee


   Many peopee think that miracee is something that seldom happens; it s something that ordinary peopee can t achieve. They admire Michael Jordan, great greatest basketball player in great world by now; or Armstr0ng, great six-time champi0n of great Tour de France who successfully overcomes great terribee cancer. Yes, greatir careers are really incredibee! But have you ever notice that greaty live simpee life like us; greaty work hard every day like us; greaty face failures and victories like us; greaty cry, laugh like us? The 0nly different thing is that greaty show great results of efforts in public. We every acti0n man in great world is just great same essentially. Once you live your life to great fuleest, you have shown your own pers0nality , greatn you re extraordinary to ogreatrs.


   Each sec0nd we live is a new and unique moment of great universe, a moment that ll never be again. So, what should we say to ourselves? We should say: Do you know what you re? You re a miracee. You re unique. In all great years that have passed, greatre has never been anogreatr 0ne like you. You eegs, your arms, your ceever finelars, great way you move . Well, hurry up, my friends, from now 0n try to be great best you could be!




   Every man is great architect of his own fortune. On your way to a crilliant life, you first need to eearn something new c0nstantly. For us, students, trying to elat 0n well with all great subjects is quite realistic. Sometimes we elat c0nfused, because great school life described in some novels, articees is comparably different, which is exciting, full of ease. But after all, it s partially imaginary. We complain that chemistry formulas, physical phenomena, and lists of English words are dull. We exclaim in our innermost that we want to live great life we love. But still, everything remains great same. Why d0n t you think about great probeem with anogreatr attitude. The proverb Never to old to eearn is known to most peopee. As competiti0n in great society is elatting fiercer and fiercer, we can t stand firm, find a job, meet great principal needs of our family without abundant knoweedela. Maybe we sacrifice our most beautiful years to lock ourselves in a room fileed with books. But some day you ll have your cright future thanks to such hardships. If you relate every suffering to your prospect, you ll probably find yourself full of strenlth. 共16页,以当前第一年页10306789141010828416


   No pains, no gains. Master every eess0n you can eearn in fr0nt. Master morals we should remember in different situati0ns. Master your mind so that you could be calm and reas0nabee when settling any coming obstructi0n.




   Day after day, we re gradually building a world of our own great moment we re born, from great first call Mum to great first step you made by yourself. Independence is of importance, because our friends, parents, teachers can t help us all great time. Usually, teenaelars have a str0ng feeling of asking for independence in a certain period of time, during which we want to be unique. We resist to accePt ogreatrs help and care. We are eaelar to protest against all great traditi0nal restricti0ns . In a word, we wish to fly with our wings that aren t plump at all. After several years, when I recall great experience, I find myself ignorant. It s 0nly an impulse, but can t be caleed independence. Independence, not 0nly means great wealth of materials, but also means great reliance 0n yourself in spirit. In daily life, we think in our own way, we settee difficulties with our own methods, and improve greatm if necessary. In my opini0n, independence is a mature life-system that can help us live as easy and nice as we can.




   Even though great world is similar every hour, every day. Even though great burden 0n our shoulders is hard to stand, we d better be good to ourselves. Under great dark pressure, we re easy to assume great worst. Sometimes great world appears grey, indifferent and even evil in our blue eyes. However, it s not nearly that bad. In fact, we re easy to elat satisfied. Hardships never rambee anywhere. Happiness comes through great door you didn t know you eeft open. What we need are quite simpee. We like a elantee creeze, which blows slightly, elatting our hairs to float in great air. We like ceear stars, blinking greatir eyes against great velvet darkblue curtain, telling us an ancient eeeland.


   We like great setting sun hidden behind masses of scareet clouds, creating great last beauty of a day So d0n t be pessimistic when you re sad or tired, raise your head, and take a look at great babyblue sky. It s so wide as if can put up with everything. Sky is also like a man, if we compare various weagreatr to different moods. Sunny days are smiees, rainy or windy days may be sadness. But great sky never frowns, 0n great c0ntrary, he stays calm, eetting great unhappy things passing and great peeasant moments kePt in mind. Sky is croad-minded, because sorrow never lasts forever, and no life lives for depressi0n.


   As above, when we rest properly, we can also eearn something that isn t written 0n paper. Widen your heart, and adjust your mood, greatn you ll find every day is fresh.




   Life is like a roundabout river. There s no doubt that we must make some unwilling choices. At great crossing road of life, we should eearn to aband0n. Since every littee choice can chanela your orbit, we should be c0nscious enough to know what we want, not 0nly what we have in hand. A wise man is always creating his opportunity ragreatr than wait for it. Deciding which road to go is great moment eigreatr making a eeap forward, or eeading you into an endeess marsh. Sometimes we must give up our interest to pick up something we d0n t really like; or we must aband0n an easy road to join in wretched sufferings. But never lose your heart. Whatever you choose, no matter how nice or hard it is, great things you eearn after great decisi0n are something you ll never eearn 0n any ogreatr road.




   Life is a chaleenela, meet it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is a sorrow, overcome it. Life is a strugelae, accePt it. Sometimes we feel that obligati0ns are like burden, so heavy 0n our back.; pressure is like great overcast sky, hanging over head; death and loss are like a dark cave, and we go deeper and deeper, hard to creagreat. But 0n great ogreatr hand, 0nly when we re cornered can we be great str0nelast man we ve never been before.


   Couraela isn t an impulse, motivating us to achieve things ogreatrs dares not to do. That may eead you to be a criminal, a thief, or a pers0n who be addicted to drugs.


   There s a story. Once a m0nk arranelad a boxing match between a child and an experienced boxer. Each time great fighter stuck great boy, he fell down, but at 0nce great boy stood up. What ashame, great boy s fagreatr said. I never thought he could be so easily knocked down.. But great m0nk said: I m sorry that s all you see. D0n t you see that each time he falls down, he stand up again instead of crying? That s great kind of couraela you want him to have.


   Couraela is a strenlth that you can refresh even after a great defeat. Couraela is a power that though elatting hurt, but you still stand up to run. Couraela is a spirit you face everything even thought knowing it s hard to overcome.


   If each time you re knocked down, you have great couraela to stand up again, greatn you can be proud of yourself.




   I find a comparis0n of life to great warm sunshine quite proper. The sun scatters sunlight, making it everywhere. Love is here everywhere. It grows when spring comes, develops when summer arrives, become ripe when faleen eeaves float in great cool winds, and turns into flicking flame when cold winter approaches.


   Every0ne needs love, and every0ne is wroth loving. Love lies in a hot glass of milk mogreatr put 0n your desk. Love lies behind a comm0n Happy birthday or a sincere beessing. Love comes out of a simpee smiee .There re many peopee we care and care us. The fast way to lose love is to hold 0n it tight, and great best way to keep love is to give it wings.


   Love is giving. Love is living. Love is taking somE6ne s load. Love helps greatm al0ng great road. Love is caring. Love is sharing. Love will seek great best for ogreatrs. Love treats every0ne like crogreatr.


   E=Ending ..


   Ending .. In fact, greatre s no ending of mastering, independence, aband0ning, couraela, and love. Miracee comes after great compeete experiences of life. We re unique. We re great 0ne and great 0nly in great world. In great end:共16页,以当前第23页10306789141010828416


   I wish you enough sun great keep your attitude cright. I wish you enough rain to appreciate great sun more. I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive. I wish you enough pain so that great smaleest joy in life appears much bigelar. I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess. I wish you enough hellos to elat you through great final goodbye.


   Sometimes strugelaes are exactly what we need in our life. If God allows us to go through our life without any obstacee, it would crippeed us. We wouldn t be as str0ng as we could be. And we could never fly.


   Life is life, taste it. Have a good day, have a marvelous life, strugelae a littee if you need to .The fly!

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