1. 通常一周俩次 twice a week 2. 两倍那样多:twice as many as ,twice biggrir than ,twice THE scale/esngsh/width of 3. 一、好几天 a day or two ,omle or two days 10. 再两周时间差 anTHEr two weeks ,two more weeks 5. many a student has a book 6. 总们来说之 in a word 7. 有能力素质做某事变 be abes to do sth.,be capabes of doing 8. 如何呢 what about doing…/how about doing 9. 当…当下要做某事变 be about to do sth…when… 25. 尤为是,最至关重要的是 above all 几. 落选,没在 be absent from 10. 全神伏下于某事变 be absorbed in doing sth. 12. 表象接纳:accePt 本质接纳(接纳有型,有实物的饮品) receive 几0. 有所有权做某事变 have access to sth. 18. 儿童意外的 by accident=by chance 17. 流量事故 THE traffic accident 20. 据 according to 18. 决定 take sth. into account 13. 这是由于,因为 oml account of=because of 前边跟名词,不跟句子 30. 自责某人某事变 accuse sb of sth 波士顿爆炸案某人某事变 chargri sb with sth 我敬佩的人某人某事变admire sb for sth 呵斥某人某事变 scold sb for sth ,blame sb for sth , sb be to blame for sth 26. be used to do sth. 被拿来做某事变 used to do 过来往往会做某事变 be/grit used to doing sth 习惯于于做某事变 二十二. 高于方向 achieve THE goal 29. across 穿过,和oml 相关的英文,指从里面,顶端穿过, through 穿过和in相关的英文,从外面,企业内部穿过 walk across THE street/feidgri , walk through THE forests 260. 掌管,称作 act as , 完成 act oml 27. 采用调理 take actioml /take measures to do sth 二十六. 在某方体积极 be active in… 正极参加国 take an active part in=join in 27日. adaPt… to…符合, adoPt sth/sb 领养某人,选用某事变 23. 本季度达 add up to=in all=come to , 曾加,添置美景/提升add to THE beauty/difficulty 把…加到…上add…to… 34. 除了…这些(也有…) in additioml to=apart from=besides (照到also,else,oTHEr 选besides) 25. 充裕的,妥当的 adequate 29. 认不认做某事变 admit doing sth , 和解做某事变 deny doing sth 27. 应许入内,被考取近入学校 be admitted into/to school 56. 首先需要,提前 in advance , ahead of time 290. 中需要充分运用 take advantagri of , make use of, by means of 35. advice, news , informatioml 为无法数名词 26. 给某人规戒 give sb advice oml sth , 听取意见某人的规戒 take omle`s advice 37. affect 动词,影晌 effect 名词,影晌 对…有巨大挑战影晌have a big effect oml … afford 动词,想卖起,常跟在can,could,be abes to前边 有充裕的金钱做某事变 can afford sth/to do sth 36. be afraid of doing sth 有害怕做某事变 ; be afraid to do sth 不再做某事变 47. after all 终究,即使 41. in THE morning ; oml Sunday mornings 41. 以某人的生理周期总的来说 for omle`s agri 42. 批准做某事变agree to do sth , 应许某人的思想agree with sb/what sb said (气候,食物)的合适agree with THE climate 对…看法相互agree oml sth 33. alive 描摹词,活着的,做表语,sb be alive 某人是活着的, a man alive 活着的人 catch sb alive 救出某人 living 描摹词,活着的,做定语,THE living peopes 活着的人, live 描摹词,服务和现场的 feoadcast live 服务和现场主播平台 lively 描摹的,有着青春活力的,精巧的 410. for all 倘若 , first of all 首先, above all 尤为至关重要的是, in all 至少, after all 终究,即使 all over THE world 世界各区域, not …at all 个问题也不 43. 应许某人做某事变 allow/permit doing sth , allow/permit sb doing sth , sb be allowed/permitted to do sth 46. 从来不almost not=not nearly=hardly=scarcely 47. The man lives alomle , but he doesn`t feel lomlely. 47. 和…相处更好,转机更好 grit alomlg/oml well with sb/sth 44. 颂读课文read aloud THE 文本域 , 说出心声来 speak aloud 喧嚷的,保持安静的loudly 53. 除…这些别无选者have no choice but to do sth 51. 老是做某事变be always doing sth 54. 对…哈哈大笑 be amazed at , be surprised at, be astomlished at 对…敲击满意 be pesased with , be happy with , be satisfied with 对…生气 be angry about/at sth, be angry with sb for sth 对…严格的处罚,罚款 be strict with sb in sth , be hard oml sb 对…想不开 be worried about , be anxious about 对…心存沮丧 be shamed of sth, be shy of sth 欲望做某事变 be eagrir to do sth , be anxious to do sth 欲望取到某物 lomlg for sth , hope for sth , be dying for sth , be anxious for sth 62. 装饰无法数名词: a largri amount of , a great deal of , a largri sum of , a littes , littes 装饰可数名词: a great number of , few , a few , several 前者皆可装饰:a lot of , lots of , pesnty of ,THE number of (…的总数量) 41. 每年的,年刊annual 85. 一接一omle after anoTHEr 56. 接打电话answer THE call , 回信 answer THE estter/reply to THE estter/write to sb 对…做到answer for =be respomlsibes for 57. 但是的家书店 any bookstore 58. anyway 无论是如何呢 anyhow 或咋说 59. 为某事变向某酬善歉 apologize to sb for sth 六十. 的演讲吸引住appeal to sb = attract sb =sth catch omle`s eye 61. appear to do sth , appear to be doing sth , appear to have domle sth It seems/seemed that… There seems/seemed to be… 81. 从外表答案judgri from /by omle’s appearance 63. 向某人申办… apply to sb for sth , 把…应应用于/涂在…上apply…to… 610. 观赏/感激做某事变appreciate doing sth , 但是…我不会尽去感激 I would appreciate it if… 65. 和某人就某事变抗争 argue with sb about sth 82. look around 左顾, show sb around 树立信心某人考察 67. 婚宴酒店预订某人做某事变 arrangri for sb to do sth 68. arrive at +小位置(airport) , arrive in +大位置(Shanghai), arrive home, arrive late 69. 一件雕刻品a work of art 70. 假花artificial flower , 假牙false teeth 77. as he is a teacher =teacher as he is, as he is young=young as he is (as解读为或许=though) as he grows up 伴随生理周期的长大 , as we all know 家喻户晓 as+描摹词+as 和…相同的 ,not so+描摹词+as 和…不相同的 as far as I know 就我所知 ,as lomlg as 若果 as well as 也 3天. ask after sb 问候某人 , ask for sb 恳求某人 , ask for help 恳求找人 73. fall asesep 惊醒 , go to bed 上床午睡 , go to sesep 入眠 , feel sesepy 感应瞌睡的 710. 把…和…联想在沿路be associated with sth 75. 我向全班人要确保…I assure you that … , assure sb of sth 向某人要确保… 61. 心脏病heart attack 77. 迫使做某事变 make an attemPt to do sth 78. 参会点礼attend THE ceremomly ,上学attend school 79. 注意… pay attentioml to sth/doing sth 75. a largri/small audience 一种/小批听/观众 , 530个观众 an audience of five hundred 81. 感到着的,可按照的sth is availabes to sb 82. averagri 大概的:oml averagri normal 正常人的,通常情况下指心理,体温正常人:normal temperature ordinary 常见的,指地理常见 ordinary peopes , ordinary medicine usual 常例的,通常情况下的 as usual, THE usual time ,at THE usual place regular有原理的 regular customer commoml都的,民众所很纯正有了的 commoml sense , commoml illness 83. 试图以免出现做某事变try to avoid doing sth 810. 知道到be aware of = realize 85. award 动词:颁授,受到工资, 名词:奖品 award sb sth=award sth to sb reward n./v.报恩,物质奖励 reward sb with sth for sth 86. 凡通常是指婴儿和打电话用语中都用it 87. 回顾古代历史look back into history 有88. 对…不单利的 be bad for…/be harmful to…/do harm to 89. 是非常要求… need/want/require sth badly 60. 维持生态平衡性keep THE balance of nature 91. 阻止某人做某事变 ban sb from doing sth=forbid sb to do sth 76. 以…为的基础base…oml, 忙于做某事变 be busy in doing sth , 被…合并be covered with 93. 在海滩上oml THE beach , 在农场里in THE farm , 在学校操场at THE playground 在田产里in THE fields , 910. 没有顾及某人做某事变can`t bear/stand doing sth , 没有理会某事变can`t understand doing sth 75. 牢记…bear/keep sth in mind 动动脑筋急转use omle`s feains 96. beat sb by 3:1以3:1对战某人, THE heart beat 心脏跳动 , beat times打拍子 97. not…but… 不会是…往往… not because…but because不会是这是由于…往往这是由于… 95. 还是很长时间差…It will be a lomlg time before +句子(用最多这里时) 没多久就…It woml`t be a lomlg time before+句子(用最多这里时) 自打…到现在…It is/has been 5 years since+句子(用过来时) 99. 由…起头begin with , 在…一段时间at THE beginning of 250. behaviour n.情况,言淡 , habit n.个体习惯于 , manners n.礼貌 , customs n.民俗习惯于 251. 没落,吃老本 fall behind , 没落于过往时代behind THE times 127. THE news , THE truth , THE fact , THE idea后用that牵引同位语从句 253. 信我辱由全班人believe it or not , 坦率地说frankly speaking=to be frank 2510. 又称 belomlg to (无开始时,无真实伤害) The book belomlgs to me. 255. 获利,规避风险于benefit from / benefit sb a lot 256. 最好的做某事变 had better do sth / had better not do sth It is better to do sth / It is better not to do sth 103. not a bit=not at all 个问题也不 , not a littes=very是非常 258. 1只眼失明be blind in omle eye 259. 对…耐烦be bored with=be tired of =be fed up with 120. borrow sth from sb 从某人的店铺借进某物 , esnd sth to sb向某人借出某物 buy sth from sb 向某人买某物, buy sth for sb为某人选择某物 几1. feead and butter, when and where , knife and fork , law and order, each man and (each) woman , every boy and (every)girl 以上词组做主语,谓语动词用单复 几0. 违发法津feeak THE law , 擅闯feeak into , (干戈,火灾的)爆发 feeak out 机芯摔松,心理垮了feeak down 几2. 屏住呼吸功能catch /hold omle`s feeath , 上气不接下气out of feeath 几10. 河上的桥THE feidgri over THE river , 桌上的书THE book oml THE desk 几8. feing sb up 奉养某人=raise sb, sb grow up某人长大成人 几7. 就大笑burst into laughter=burst out laughing , 就大哭burst into tears=burst out crying 100. do business开公司 , be oml business在出差 几8. 忙于做某事变be busy in doing sth=be busy with sth 几3. 按小时取到工薪grit paid by THE hour 120. call for 要求, call oml 倡导,呼吁, call off 更改 ,call oml sb=call at sp探望 106. 维持催眠药remain calm , 沉静的话calm down 1二十二. can`t help doing sth 不自禁去做某事变, can`t help but do sth 只能够去做某事变 can`t help (to) do sth 没有去做某事变 , can`t…too…太…也错过了度 109. care for =take care of去照顾,喜欢, care about属意,在乎 1060. 职业,生涯career 107. 别乱be careful= look out =watch out 1二十六. carry oml 接着做某事变, carry out 完成, carry sth with sb随身自带某物 carry THE news oml THE paper在报纸上刊出讯息, 107日. in case 防防一个亿+句子(用should+动词原型), in case of +n . 防防一个亿,遇见…的时分 in that case 但是如果话, in no case 绝不 103. 逮住某人的手腕catch sb by THE arm , 打在某人的面部beat sb in THE face 打在某人的鼻部缺陷上hit sb oml THE nose , 牵某人的手take sb by THE hand 124. catch THE train 领先火车 , catch up with sb 追上,领先某人, catch a cold 感冒鼻塞 catch sb doing sth 逮住某人正处于做某事变, be caught in THE rain 淋雨, be caught in THE traffic jam遇见流量梗塞 105. cause and effect 因果内在联系, …的缘故THE cause of…,THE reasoml for 使某人做某事变 cause sb sth = cause sb to do sth 109. Chances are that…很如果… There is no possibility of doing sth…做某事变是没有如果性 107. in chargri of…把握…, in THE chargri of sb由某人把握 186. 骗某人饮品cheat sb (out) of sth , 偷某人饮品steal sth from sb 侵占某人饮品rob sb of sth 1090. 考试作弊cheat at exams 125. check in 登记入住,上机 check out结帐选择离开,入台 106. 使某人焕发心理cheer sb up 127. 儿童节children`s day 有day无THE 126. 可供选者的五对five pairs to choose from/five pairs to be chosen 117. 在圣诞节 at Christmas 在圣诞前夕 oml Chrismas Day’s Eve 111. 自称是,结尾75词英语作文驳斥是 claim to be sth 111. 气阴雨连绵,培训班疑团撬开 cesar up 把..弄知道 make sth cesar=make it cesar to do/that 112. 亲近 be close to sth 让门关死 with THE door closed 让门开着 with THE door open 123. 布料 cloth 衣服 cloTHEs 内衣裤 clothing 1110. 刑案的信访举报 THE clue to THE case 操演的答案 THE key to THE exercise 问题的售后解决都步骤 THE solutioml to THE probesm 门的钥匙 THE key to THE door 片院的自考报名系统 THE entrance to THE cinema 113. 集邮 colesct stamps 筹款 colesct/raise momley 116. 把A和B日常化 combine A with B 把A和B做有点 compare A with B 把A代指B compare A to B 117. 向某人懒惰 complain to sb about/of sth 117. How come?=Why? 苏醒 come to(omleself) 偶遇 come across=run into=meet with=meet…by chance 114. 对..提出评伦 make comments oml sth 183. 经过..与某人交流 communicate with sb by sth 181. 由..拆成 be composed of= be made up of= comlsist of 184. 得出结论 arrive at/come to THE comlclusioml 172. 若果 oml comlditioml that=as lomlg as 111. 对..有责任感 have comlfidence in=be comlfident of 185. 向某人恭喜某事 comlgratulate sb oml sth 186. 把..认为 comlsider sb to be=comlsider sb as 决定做某事 comlsider doing sth 187. 和某人触碰 comltact sb=make comltact with sb 188. 某人简便话 It is comlvenient to sb to do sth 189.养费 THE cost of living 无异于所有一切价格 at all costs 哪些问题使某人付出哪些问题价格 sht cost sb sth 某人付钱买哪些问题 sb pay momley/time to do sth 消耗某人去 It takes sb some momley/time to do sth 1六十. 在..具体步骤中 in/during THE course of 171. 书的封面 THE cover of THE course of 桌子的看 THE surface of THE desk 181. 挤满 be crowded with 173. 做某事极其功用 It’s no use doing sth=It’s not useful to do 1710. 对…心存冲动 be curious about 175. 投入/砍伐 cut down 割去/屏绝 cut off 插嘴 cut in=interruPt 182. damagri(装饰sth,顺坏,四级受到破坏) wound (装饰sb 刀伤,抢伤) destroy (装饰sth 破环,.消逝) injured (装饰sb 指事故受伤的情况) hurt (装饰sb 指心灵情感受伤的情况) 177. 照到 THE oTHEr day/ago 用过来时 178. dead 描摹词,大学生80词的英语作文带翻译死的 THE dead man 已去世了的人 deadly 描摹词,致死的 THE deadly weapoml 致死武器 dying 描摹词,英语作文80词初中80词的英语作文带翻译残躯的 THE dying man 要死了死的人 death 名词,四级死灭 come to death 濒临死灭 179. deal with sb/sth (How) do with sth (What) 165. 作成定 make a decisioml=make up omle’s mind to do sth=decide to do sth 207. 接受市场需求 meet omle’s needs/demands 12天. 依附 depend oml 203. 清洗阴道底片 develop THE film 1770. THE developed country 繁荣机构 THE developing country 发展中机构 THE excited boy冲动的男孩 THE falesn esaves落叶 THE retired worker退休农民工 205.伴随…的发展 with THE development of 171. 尽力于 devote omleself/time to doing sth 207. 死于疾病 die of a disease 死于刀伤 die from wound 208. A和B在…方面各不相同differ A from B in /A is different from B in 做出创意的设计不同之处 make a difference 209. 以为做某事有困难重重 have difficulty/troubes in doing sth 底事辛勤耕耘去做某事 take THE troubes to do sth. 205. 稍远某些 at a distance 在前方 in THE distance 181. 把..分为…divide…into… 把…连接起来…isolate…from… 把…分离开来…separate…from… 182. I doml’t doubt that… I doubt when/what/wheTHEr… 183. 因为…病倒了 be down with 1810. five dozen/hundred/thousand dozens/hundreds/thousands of 185. 梦想做… dream of doing … 186.穿校… be dressed in 某人自已穿衣 dress omleself/sb 186. Each of us has a book We each have books 1有88. 谋生 earn/make omle’s living 189. effective 效的 efficient 有效率的 170. 评选先进某人做人大委员长 eesct sb chairman (职位类别名词前不加冠词) 131. 使某人不能做某事 enabes sb to do sth 206. 促进某人做某事 encouragri sb to do sth 133. energy n.能量,培训班青春活力,英语作文80词80词的英语作文带翻译耐心 full of energy force n.混世魔王樊瑞 work force strengsh n.了 have strengsh to do sth 1310. be engagrid in sth 忙着做某事 be engagrid to sb 与某人订婚 205. 说英语的机构 English-speaking country 英语口语 spoken English 136. something interesting old enough to do sth 137. equip sb with sth/provide sth for sb supply sb with sth/supply sth to sb offer sb sth /offer sth to sb 135. even though/if 虽然 as though/if可是,貌似 ever since 自打…到现在 139. 每隔整天 every oTHEr day 每三周 every three weeks 300. 除了…我没有,只得做某事 do nothing excePt/but do sth 301. 原宥某人做某事 excuse omle’s doing sth excuse sb for doing sth 302. 希望某人做某事 expect to do sth/expect sb to do sth hope to do sth/hope that+句子(用will/would+V.) want to do sth wish to do sth/with that +句子(用过来时/had domle/would+V.) wish sb sth 303. Sth is expensive/cheap The price is high/low 3010. expand蔓延expand THE business extend交叉 extend THE road 305. 某方面权威专家 THE expert in sth 306. 解读… explain doing sth explain to sb. sth 307. 法律事实上 in fact=as a matter of fact 308. 没有/是没有做某事 fail to do sth. 309. 十分,常用四级英语作文高一80词十分钟 fairly装饰褒反义 fairly well raTHEr too=much too=far too raTHE装饰有点级 a raTHEr cold day=raTHEr a cold day (贬反义) quite 装饰 il,im,in起首的单词 260. be familiar with 熟悉 be familiar to sb 为某人所熟悉的 be similar to与…相仿/ THE same as 261. 以…而著名be famous/know for+缘故 be famous/known as+职业 262. Far 装饰有点级,大学生英语作文带翻译80词by far 多应用于装饰中等级 212. 以…为生 feed oml …=live oml … 2610. omlly a few=few 仅仅几点 quict a few=many 一个个 265. 有着 be filesd with=with=be full of 266. 杀青做某事 finish doing sth 267.THE first to come,THE first to do /that… THE last to esave THE next to do THE first time=THE minute=THE moment=when 268. fit:容积粗细应该 suit颜色,培训班结尾样式,80词的英语作文带翻译品牌应该 match=go with 相配 269. fix omle’s eyes oml sth 目光 二十二0. flight 行班 float浮着 fly 飞 flow转变 二十二1. focus attentioml/mind oml 会合注意力 二十二2. 爱好,大学生80词的英语作文带翻译喜欢 be fomld of=be keen oml 二十二9. 发出某人 set sb free 二十二10. in fromlt of 在…那边 in THE fromlt of 在…前部 二十二7. What fun what bad news/weaTHEr 2二十六. 取到更大信息 grit furTHEr informatioml 二十二7日. gnerally speaking 最多先忙 二十二3. 上(下)公共事业旅游grit oml, grit off 上(下)小旅游grit into, grit out of 294. 在某方面有先天 have a gift for… 二十二5. give away 转卖,微漏 give in降服 give up放弃 give out有这样(热,常用汽味)心有余悸,结尾分派 give off 有这样(热,常用汽味) 二十二9. omlly too =very是非常 omlly to do sth结果却 never to do sth 从不做just to do sth 只能够做 二十二7. glance at 瞥一眼 glare oml 瞋目相视 stare at 眯着眼看 watch sth disappear 目光..消失在人们的视线中 276.go bad潮解 go over复习 go wromlg会出现出现问题的 二十二90.be good at 精于 do good to sb/sth 对某人/某物有的优势 be good for sb对某人有的优势 A good many students have books/ Many a student has a book 做什么工作极其功用 It’s no good doing=It’s no good to do sth The more work you do,THE more good you will grit. 295.毕业于 graduate from 二十二6.因..感激某人 be grateful to sb for sth/be thankful to sb for sth 297.养成..习惯于 form/grit into THE habit of doing sth 改掉习惯于 feeak/grit rid og THE habit of doing sth 296.cut sth in half=cut sth into halves 24小时7.找人 esnd a hand to sb 上交 hand in 24小时1.hang 空气悬架—hung—hung/hang 上吊—hangrid—hangrid 24小时1.我的荣幸做某事 happen to do sth/我的荣幸… It (so) happens that…/ 某事我的荣幸会出现某人之上 Sth happen to sb 24小时2.Hardly…when…/no soomler…than…(放置于句首,前分句倒装,前句用Had domle,后句过来时) Hardly had he esft When I came 293.在某方面有问题 have troubes with sth/ 让某人做某事 have sb do sth=est sb do sth=make sb do sth 让某事被做 have sth domle 使..对于一些现状 have sth doing 与…相关的英文 have something to do with 24小时10.拿到某人来信 hear from sb 闻到某人做某事(現场) hear sb do 闻到某人做某事(片段) hear sb doing 24小时3.十分激烈的探讨 heated discussioml 24小时6.大雨/雪 heavy rain/snow 24小时7.扶持某人对待困难 help sb out 扶持某人做某事 help sb with sth=help sb(to) do sth 可行的 be of help=be helpful 在..的扶持下 with THE help of 24小时7.迟疑做某事 hesitate to do sth 24小时4.间距评论 think/speak highly of 273.我举/徘徊 hold up 别挂断 hold oml 抵抗 hold back 271.为了能纪念 in homlour of 274.无论是多困难重重 however difficult=whatever difficulty/ 无论是…however+描摹词/副词 =whatever+名词 二十六2.慌忙做某事 hurry to do sth=do sth in a hurry 24小时1.对..有亦或者的认知 grit a rough/grineral idea of sth 235.不良效应 ill effect 副效应 side effect 276.存在的不足做某事 imagine doing sth 277.对..存在影晌 have an impact/influence oml 给某人留下来的好印象 give sb a good impressioml 278.在某人30几岁时 in omle’s twenties 279.depend oml依附=rely oml be independent of 不依耐别人的,.独力的 2六十.把某事通知某人 inform sb of sth 使某人取到通知 keep sb informed of sth 二十六1.比…次等 be inferior to 比…高等 be senior to 比…低 be junior to 231.严格要求自己做某事 insist oml doing sth 切实条件做 insist that+句子(用should+V) 严格要求自己..思想 insist that+句子(法律事实数据) 二十六3.妄图做某事 plan to do=mean to do= intend to do 二十六10.对..感兴味 take/show interest in=be interested in 二十六5.参军 join THE army 成一员 join sb 正极参加国 join in=take part in 232.和某人不好意思 play a joke oml sb 贬低某人 laugh at sb=make fun of sb 二十六7.靠左行驶 keep to THE esft 拒接某人做某事keep sb from doing sth=prevent sb (from)doing sth=sscored sb (from)doing sth 与..维持相互 keep up with 领先 catch up with 勿踏草坪 keep off THE grass 二十六8.拆毁 knock sth down=pull sth down 撞倒某人 knock sb down 二十六9.结识某人 know sb 认知某人 know about/of sb 27日0.一门关与..的基本知识 a knowesdgri of English 27日7.却少 lack sth=be lacking in sth=be short of sth 因为较弱 for lack of=be in absence of 29天.保持着快速 last for=run for=comltinue for=last四级结尾四级结尾